In collaboration with Saina Nicolet Architektur.
Located in a village overlooking the airport of Zurich, the project consists of a concrete basis placed in a gentle slope. An open wooden structure develops over two floors, creating a sequence of rooms facing every side of the building lot.
In the underground find place a cellar and technical spaces. The ground floor is dedicated to the living room and a small studio, while in the upper floor are three bedrooms. The house is built with ecological and sustainable building techniques.

Location: Winkel ZH, Switzerland
Project: 2018-20, Construction: 2021-22
Client: Private
Building type: one-family house
Architect: BY JUNG, Biel/Bienne + Saina Nicolet Architektur, Bern
Planner wooden construction: Schaer Holzbau AG, Altbüron

Site area: 730 m2
Built area: 130 m2
Gross floor area: 250 m2

Photos: © Bela Zwygart