In collaboration with the architecture office GrilloVasiu, art historian and curator Sandra Bradvic, philosopher and psychologist Matteo Vegetti.

We envision a domestic environment that can meet a multiplicity of activities, developing the ability to transform and adapt itself. A tolerant space to meet the multilayered and constantly changing needs of the contemporary life. To reflect this topic, we propose a 1:1 installation in the Swiss Pavilion, representing the domestic space.

Location: Venice, Italy
Project: 2021, competition
Client: Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council
Building type: installation
Architect: BY JUNG, Biel/Bienne + grillovasiu, Zürich
Curator: Sandra Bradvic, Zürich
Philosopher and psychologist: Matteo Vegetti, Milano

Installation area: 597 m2

Renderings: © BY JUNG + grillovasiu
Reference 2: Zeltzimmer Schloss Charlottenhof, Potsdam, source unknown
Reference 1: source unknown