The interior of the existing, protected building was completely emptied and filled by a new structure. Placed without apparent order, several structural elements characterise the ground floor. To fully understand the system is necessary to experience the whole, three-story house.
By expending the side walls to the outside, the ground floor opens in two directions. The main room finds itself between outside spaces with very different characters: a public backyard by the entrance, a private garden by the living room.

Location: Signau, Switzerland
Project: 2017-2018, Construction: 2018-20
Client: Private
Building type: one-family house (renovation)
Architect: BY JUNG, Biel/Bienne
Construction supervisor: Bau & Renovationen Ulmer AG, Signau
Structural engineer: Wüthrich Ingenieur und Planungs AG, Aeschau

Site area: 1030 m2 total site (120 m2 building part)
Built area: 75 m2
Gross floor area: 190 m2

Photos: © Bela Zwygart